April 7, 2021

Mail Forwarding Services

Wellcome to Portugaladdress Forwarding Services

Portugaladdress is the First mail and package Forwarding Company in Portugal.

Since 2015, we developed Experience and Connections with all Delivery Companies, making our customers have a great experience receiving their order in time and safe way!

And We love what we do! From a single delivery to a regular customer, the experience is always amazing!

Mail and Package Forwarding Process is very simple

Register at our services, so we can keep a good costumers database

We will supply our address or assist you with your purchase

When your order reaches us, you will be contacted at the same moment

We will proceed to forwarding your order to you!

Package Forwarding

We make it easy for you to receive your shoppings in a fast and secure way. Enjoy buying in Portuguese online stores!

Portugal Address can give you assistance if it is required. In Portugal, retailers rarely ship internationally and Portugal Address is your solution! Portugal Address international mail and packages forwarding service provides its members with a valid shipping address in Portugal so you can buy high-quality Portuguese products online, eliminating communication difficulties with the seller! You won’t need to find a retailer who ships internationally: We take care of that for you!
Portugal Address Members have access to our shipping address in Portugal for package forwarding. All purchases are stored for a maximum of 30 days.

Each month we consolidate all of your purchased items into a single shipment.

Mail Forwarding Services

We provide a Portuguese post office box to our clients for mail, letters, packages and more.

These are directly delivered to you no matter where you are in the world with our fast, convenient and inexpensive mail forwarding services.

Mail can be Digitized and sent by e-mail


CTT Service Delivery Time

National Normal Mail
3 working days
National Registered Mail
1 business day
National Order Shipping
3 working days (up to 15 for islands)
National Express Shipping
Same day, next day or 2 days
International Normal Mail
5 to 7 business days
International Registered Mail
3 to 5 business days
International Base Order Shipping
5 to 7 business days
International Express Shipping
From 1 business day in Europe and 3 business days worldwide