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Portugal Address can help you forward your shopping and subscriptions to your address

Mail Forwarding

We provide a Portuguese post office box to our clients for mail, letters, catalogs and more. These are directly delivered to you no matter where you are in the world with our fast, convenient and inexpensive mail forwarding service

Package Forwarding

We make easy for you to receive your shoppings in a fast and secure way. Enjoy buying in Portuguese online stores! PortugalAddress can give you assistance if it is required. Portuguese retailers rarely ship internationally, PortugalAddress is your solution! Portugal Address’s international package forwarding service provides its members with a valid shipping address in Portugal so you can buy high-quality Portuguese products online, eliminating communication difficulties with the seller! You won’t need to find a retailer who ships internationally; we take care of that for you!
PortugalAddress.com members have access to our shipping address in Portugal for package forwarding. All purchases are stored in our secure warehouse for a maximum of 30 days. Each month we consolidate all of your purchased items into a single shipment


Portugal Address charges a 1 year registration fee of only 15 Euros!!

After registration, we allow you to make any purchase of a product in any store located in mainland Portugal and the Islands (Madeira and Azores), just add our Company address when you shop on Portuguese websites at the checkout!
We also charge 15 euro for the actual service in case of packages and 5 euro in case of mail (exclude shipping price).
Payments to Portugal Address are made through our PayPal account!

Portugal Address is not responsible for items not received by us or if they don’t have a tracking number!
We are also not responsible for any defective items in their manufacture or damaged during delivery!

Please contact us if there is any question in Client Customer Area!

Our services

We are a Proxy Company that receives orders of goods and services purchased in Portuguese Shops and forwards to you!!
Welcome to PortugalAddress!

Welcome to our services! Portugal Address benefits both consumers and entrepreneurs from around the world to have access to a Portuguese residential address, facilitating the purchase of our products in all Portuguese online shops. Whether a souvenir from Portugal, an Craft product, Vintage, Gourmet for Leisure or Work, Portugal Address helps to receive your order safely! We have a warehouse located in the Lisbon area, ready to receive orders made from all over the world! There are shops and sellers in Portugal which do not make International deliveries! Our company is the solution for you! Portugal Address makes the connection between the Purchaser and the Seller, ensuring the delivery of your order as quickly as possible to your address. We also facilitate the communication between the Purchaser and the Retailer in case of difficulties in understanding the Portuguese language. Portugal Address guarantee delivery of your purchases for a period determined by you and can send multiple purchases in one big delivery, saving on shipping costs! To do this we use our Portuguese Postal Services (CTT) or Premium service chosen by you, so you receive your order quickly, with all comfort and safety! Portugal Address can help you make personalized shopping in all Portuguese shops. To do so, simply tell us the following information: - The URL of the article - A detailed description (quantities, sizes, etc) The address of Portugal Address is provided after your registration Portugal Address does not accept orders considered prohibited and dangerous! All packages are treated individually and personally All orders are handled with all the Confidentiality and Security Contact us with any questions!

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